Death Midwifery

A Death Midwife is someone who provides education and support before someone has died. This is a new term in our culture, it is comparable to the term Death Doula, or End of Life guide.  A death midwife can start working with people when they are well by helping with advanced directives or living wills.  They educate and assist people on navigating all of the options that are available in order to prepare for their dying time. A death midwife can be of service in many ways to someone when facing the end of life.

Some advantages of working with a death midwife;

  • Being prepared can mean a more peaceful experience
  • Experience reduced feelings of helplessness due to the support in doing it your own way
  • Assurance of a dignified passing
  • The processes might help eliminate the lingering that often happens
  • Increase awareness of the process so that there is a greater understanding and less fear
  • Ability to maintain focus so that there is less confusion
  • Knowing that your family is being supported
  • Having tools,  such as a guide book, to help ease the transition


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This link is 20 minute video of Cassandra Yonder talking about death midwifery and home funerals