About Home Funerals


A home funeral happens when a loved one is cared for at home or in a sacred space after death, giving family and friends time to prepare the body, file legal paperwork, and gather and grieve in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace.   It is an ancient tradition to care for our own loved ones.  It is of great value to everyone to provide this final act of love.

maria-stenzel-ancient-live-oak-trees-in-georgia Like birth,  death is not a medical emergency.  It is an emergence that should be surrounded by love, care and dignity.

Why choose a home funeral

  • A Home Funeral places you and your family in charge at a time when we often feel powerless.

Often times in our culture when someone dies the body is zipped up into a plastic body bag and taken away by “professionals”, leaving family members distressed and unable to process their loss. They suddenly stop physically participating in the care of someone that they have loved and often times been caring for over a long period of time.

  • Home Funerals respects individual choices by creating personalized rituals

We are all unique and beautiful individuals, in life and in death

  • Home Funerals allow time for family and friends to say goodbye at ones own natural pace

It is very healing to spend time with ones loved one during their dying time.   Whether it is for a few hours or a few days, it is up to you when it is time to let their physical body go.  Many cultures believe it can take three days for spirits to depart.  This is a very important time to be with our loved ones. There is no hurry.

  • Home Funerals ensure that the departed will be treated with love and respect

No one can treat our loved ones with more love than those who loved them

  • Being physically involved and present helps in the grieving process

” The brain experiences through it’s senses–eyes, touch, smell, hearing.  It has no other way of experiencing the reality of the present, the information that it gathers the means with which it can process that material.  It is a very physical and physiological reality of the brain.  By whisking the body away, with little sensory input that there has actually and really been a death, the brain has no way to process that material.  The grief gets stuck! In the case of a home funeral, each person participating has time for lots of sensory input into the brain– sight, sounds, smell, touch.  The brain has time to deeply process this material, thus getting on with a healthy grief.”  Penny Rhodes


  • The whole family and community participates bring people together

lucilles-funeraldecorating cardboard casket

  • Home Funerals are a  return to simpler and ancient traditions


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