Carrie Lerner

Carrie LernerCarrie Lerner is a trained home funeral guide and death midwife.  She completed her training through the Beyond Hospice Program in the spring of 2015, and is a member of The National Home Funeral Alliance.   Carrie lives on a two-acre, off-grid homestead outside of Crawford, Colorado with her husband and children.

“I tend towards doing things differently.  I live in an off grid cob house, I spent 10 years working for a very alternative homeschooling program.  I try to live simply and in ways that are connected and respectful to the elements and the living world around us.  I have always been interested in ancient traditions.  After the loss of a few young friends it became clear to me that this country’s death care industry was not an appropriate choice for many people,  so I started learning about home death care.  New to me, but actually not new at all.  It is an ancient tradition and one that I feel very connected to.

I am grateful to be part of this quickly growing movement to care for our own loved ones. To be present with the people we love after death.  It is a very healing way to participate in one of life’s greatest passages.  It is an honor for me to serve people in this way and hope that this work will help our culture to bring death into our lives in a positive and loving way.  Death is one of life’s greatest mysteries, one that should be embraced. Let’s welcome it back into our lives.”